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A website should show off your businesses personality. The design is just like a person (each one look's and act's differently).


Each website is written from the ground up. We don't believe in "one size fits all" and will tailor the site to suit your needs.


With the Design and Programming taken care of, we can also host and register domains so you won't have to lift a finger.

Responsive Design

There are now hundreds of different ways to view a website. PCs, mobile phones, tablets, consoles and even some fridges can now display websites. This means a website needs to be able to change shape to be able to perfectly display its content to the consumer.

As of October 2016 mobiles have overtaken PCs for the number of websites that are loaded on that device but many websites still only offer one experience, a desktop version of the site.

We make all our sites "Responsive" so they will automatically reshape, resize and shift to perfectly fit whatever screen size and shape your potential client has chosen to view your website on.

Resposive Design

Thinking Eco

Here at Wheldon Media, we do our best to look after the planet as much as we can. You wouldn't think that websites are a big contributor to global warming but in 2014 studies show that Datacenters produce 200 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. We have selected Cloud Next to host our websites who provide green hosting such as carbon offsetting along with the latest technologies to increase power efficiency. Also, all the work done in the Wheldon Media office is powered by 100% renewable energy provided by Solar and Wind farms from Ecotricity. This is also future proofing your business as if the government introduce a "green tax" to data centres, prices will rise for anyone who isn't already on green hosting.

And last but not least, the planet will thank you.

Stand Out

A website should be an extension of your businesses personality. It should showcase off what you have to offer and stand out from all its competitors.

Far too many businesses settle for a template website or just a facebook page. This is the easiest way to make yourself look exactly like every other website out there. To make a lasting impression on a potential client you need to stand out.

We will make sure your website reflects your brand and looks professional, this will instil confidence to your potential client and set yourself apart from the pop-up businesses and charlatan's who choose to only use facebook or templates.

Stand Out

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